Strayhand Enforcer

Strayhand enforcers are the backbone of the Strayhand Guild membership. Thugs and street fighters are the mainstay within the enforcer ranks. More than simple bullies, enforcers keep the streets free of non-guild freelancers and enforce the protection contracts the guild maintains with local businesses.

Based on the Enforcer NPC class from the AEG Guilds book, below is a table for quickly generating NPC enforcers from the guild for random encounter purposes. The table is laid out in much the same vein as the NPC table from the DMG v3.0. Reference the other Strayhand Enforcer table in notes for a more flexible table of skill points, feats, and so on. Otherwise, use the table below to pull out a pregenerated enforcer with skills and feats already assigned.

LvlhpACInitSpdLight Mace (1d6)Thrown Dagger (1d4)F/R/WIntmS Mot
42012+130’+4 (+1 dmg)+2+4/+0/+4+8+5
52512+130’+4 (+1 dmg)+2+4/+0/+4+10+8

Starting Abilities: Str 11, Dex 9, Con 10, Int 8, Wis 12, Cha 13
Increased Ability Scores: 4th Str 12
Feats: 1st ThugFRCS; 3rd Skill Focus (Intimidate); 6th Loyal to the Guild

Strayhand Enforcer

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