Patience Darkomen


Patience Darkomen (CR 21)
Human paladin 7/blackguard 10/warrior of darknessBoVD 4
NE Medium humanoid
Init +3 (Dex); Senses Listen +5, Spot +6
Aura despair 10’, moderate evil
Languages Abyssal, Common, Elven, Giant

AC 23 (+1 Dex, +12 armor), touch x, flat-footed x; DodgeGotS, MobilityGotS
hp 325 (21d10+168)
Fort +31, Ref +21, Will +23

Speed 40 ft. (8 squares)
Melee mwk dagger +30/+25/+20 (1d4+8/19-20)
Melee +1 Lightslayer +31/+26/+21 (1d10+13 + 2d6 vs. good/17-20)
Ranged +24/+19/+14 N/A
Base Atk +20 (+1 epic); Grp +29
Atk Options blind fight, cleave, combat reflexes, dodgeGotS, expertiseGotS, expert tacticianGotS, improved bull rushGotS, improved disarmGotS, improved sunderGotS, mobilityGotS, power attack, power lungeGotS, prone attackGotS, ride by attack, smite good 2/day, sneak attack +4d6, spring attackGotS, sunder
Special Actions command undead 9/day, lay on hands 136 points/day, negative energy burst, spell-like abilities
Combat Gear staff of cure serious wounds (50 charges)
Spells Known (CL xth)
  • 1stboneblast, cause fear, cure light wounds, death grimace, demonflesh, doom, inflict light wounds, summon monster I
  • 2ndboneblade, bull’s strength, cure moderate wounds, darkness, death knell, demoncall, devil’s eye, inflict moderate wounds, shatter, summon monster II

GotS = While in possession of the sword, the character possesses these feats

Fiendish Heavy War Horse “Oblyvion”
12d8+36 (93 hp)
Init: 1 Dex
Speed 50 ft. (100 ft. – horseshoes of speed)
AC 21 (
1 sz, 1 dex, +11 nat. armor)
Attacks: 2 hooves +6 melee, bite +1 melee
Dam: 1d6
4; 1d4+2
Face/Reach: 5’ x 10’/ 5’
Spec. Attacks: Smite Good 1/day (12 damage)
Spec. Qual: Scent, Darkvision 60’, Cold & Fire Resistance 20, Damage Reduction 10/
Saves: Fort 18, Ref +7, Will +9
Abilities: Str 22/
6 Dex 13/1 Con 17/3 Int 9/-1 Wis 13/+1 Cha 6/-2
Skills: Listen +7, Spot +7
Familiar Traits: Imp. Evasion, Empathic Link, Speak w/ Blackguard, Share Spells, Shared Saves, Blood Bond, Spell Resistance 26
CR: 4


Patience Darkomen (Originally Sherisar Jinteel) was born and raised in a town close to pirates, to a well-to-do merchant family. At the tender age of 13, her father was murdered while defending them from vicious pirates. She was captured and raped for years. Her family was sold into slavery. Eventually she was rescued by clerics of Helm, who sent her to their temple in order to have her educated. There, she would be protected from the dangerous and all-too-real world. In Helm’s temple, she was taught how to be vigilant and prosperous, so as to never have to suffer shame and hardship again. Having been so scarred as a child, she took to Helm’s teachings with a fervor. By 19, she had cemented a prestigious position of First Watcher in the Acolyte ranks. At 20 yrs old, she was ordained a Paladin of Helm.

For the next two years, Patience championed the cause of Helm, and was eventually granted her own command. Then, she was sent out with a mission to recover a stolen relic. The mission proved disastrous and the young paladin’s ultimate fall from grace.

Patience was sent during the end of the Time of Troubles to find an artifact known as the Watchful Helm. The whereabouts proved to be in the hands of another clergy devoted to Nerull in the lands of Greyhawk. As Patience and her soldiers came to the clergy’s temple, they were ambushed and summarily slaughtered, with the exception of Patience who was again a captive.

Facing the shame once more, compounded by witnessing the deaths of her soldiers, who’d trusted her, Patience’s sanity gave way to catatonia. She was imprisoned for four years. Never did an explanation for her imprisonment come, and as she was taunted and tortured daily, she prayed to Helm for aid or answers. But the prayers were never heard due to the magical nature of her cell. And finally, beaten, broken, and mentally and emotionally crushed, she heard a voice. The voice claimed to be Bane, and said he understood her pain and gave her answers, though not the truth. Bane told her she was forgotten, and forsaken – that Helm had given up on her. He claimed the Quest for the Watchful Helm was Helm’s final test, and she had somehow failed. Patience raged at this, shouting what she thought to be the measure of her worth. And Bane agreed. Then, he made a proposal. He told her he would help her escape and place her in a position that would dwarf her previous place in Helm’s unworthy eyes. “What must I do?” she asked, her training under Helm’s vigilance screaming in alarm.

Bane smiled, and told her. Soon, an opportunity would present itself. A cell guard would bring her meal, and it would be the only guard that would linger to taunt her. Bane would provide her the power, and all she would have to do is kill him to be free. But first, she must show faith in him – and pray for his blessing.

This she did, while finally and forevermore denouncing Helm. And she felt divine power that she had longed for over the past four years flood her mind and body. And when the time was right, she made her escape.

The guard came and threw her tray through the cell door, sneering as the stale bread and watery soup spattered the floor. But, for the first time, Patience sneered back evilly. Outraged, the guard taunted her and swore she’d suffer for her smugness. He drew his shortsword and approached, opening the cell door. As he bent to remove his pants, Patience called on Bane’s might and caved in the guard’s face with a fist empowered with dark wrath. Stealing his sword, she left the cell naked and began looking for an exit. She battled many guards during her flight from the prison, and met a swordmaster, Dak Longblade, along the way. Patience quickly found out he was searching for escape as well, and they agreed to aid each other during the chaotic flight. Together, they fought savagely, taking many lives, before they finally saw daylight.

But when they emerged from the subterranean prison, they found a welcoming committee had already been placed for them. Crull Sickleblade, Patriarch of Nerull and lord of the Temple she attempted to storm 4 years ago, was waiting – having been alerted to the escape while the two fled.

His entourage was overwhelming, and Patience and Dak both knew they didn’t stand a chance. But Crull did not signal their deaths. Instead, he offered a proposal. He would grant Patience her freedom, if she would perform a service for him. He feared a man named General Bain, once dead, but returned again because of a demonic pact. This general had sworn to take over Greyhawk, and was swiftly succeeding. However, Crull had a plan and had begun collecting powerful soldiers, magic-users, and adventurers to form a small adventuring company. He hoped this small group could sneak into General Bain’s camp and destroy him. But first, they had to figure out how to overcome his apparent invincibility. That, Crull explained, would be the group’s first task. Patience’s alternative was death.

She agreed, on one condition. She be provided with equipment, a suitable armored mount, and an intelligent, magical sword. Crull smiled cruelly at this, and explained that in order for him to craft an intelligent weapon for her, he had to construct a soul gem, that is to say a specially enchanted gem, with a soul entrapped within. He explained that he could construct and enchant the gem easily enough, however the soul placed within made the weapon as unique as the individual was in life. Therefore, Patience would have to find someone with which to provide a soul for entrapment within the blade.

Without hesitation, Patience turned and grinned malevolently at Dak. Dak immediately fell into a defensive guard, but within seconds Crull spoke a mighty and evil prayer. Dak screamed as his soul left his body, his voice echoing into the realm of the dead. Trapped within a temporary prison gem, he was later bound to the sword now worn at Patience’s hip; the sword named Ea’athurgoth, “The Light-Slayer.”

Since then, Patience has played a dark role in many schemes, and she has made many enemies. She and her party abandoned Crull’s quest, after finding a better deal with General Bain himself, who had their geas removed. In a double-double cross, she left General Bain as well, escaping back to another world, known as Faerun, through a strange world-travelling inn called the Laughing Ogre. Finally, she found herself in a world known as Semdrakaal, once again attempting to manipulate a group of powerful, but evil magi called the Magistrate, to aid her in attaining a powerful dark artifact. At this time, Her sole consuming goal was to destroy Crull Sickleblade, and her plan to do so involved the artifact in question, an intelligent and horribly evil altar, long buried beneath a now corrupt Temple of Pelor.

After researching the temple, she found it had been sealed from the inside by the resident clerics. A great evil had been let loose, although she was unable to find out more. The clerics residing in the temple sealed themselves inside to ensure it would not escape if they were unable to defeat it. They were overwhelmed by whatever force had been unleashed, and the temple remained sealed for centuries.

Patience discovered that the temple could only be opened by those of virtuous character, accompanied by a cleric of Pelor who vowed to defeat the evil. So, she convinced the Magistrate to summon such a force and charge them with eradicating the evil. She informed them that this altar was to blame for the fate of the haunted city below it, now known as the City of Sorrowful Dead. Under the guise of benevolence, she explained that she wished to destroy the altar and knew of a way.

The Magistrate had ulterior motives, wishing to retrieve the altar and harness it for their own war against the priests of Bromadain, a prosperous city northwest which has remained unconquered for millennia. Having taken the princess of Bromadain captive already, they hoped to use the altar to perform sacrificial rituals enabling them to summon creatures from another realm to their aid in destroying the defiant city.

The Magistrate agreed, summoning Laucian, a Radiant Servant of Pelor whom had taken a vow of poverty to strengthen his resolve in Pelor’s teachings and show the unenlightened the life of brilliance Pelor offered. Lia, a Pelorian paladin, traveled with him. They were soul-mates in their quest and lovers, too.

Patience took particular delight in revealing her true nature to the two. She revealed the true fate of the Pelorian temple’s clerics and their valiant efforts to contain the evil which won in the end. She continued to explain her desire to retrieve the altar for nefarious purposes, namely using it to sacrifice the Patriarch Crull Sickleblade as an offering to Nerull if he would reveal the power that lie dormant in Ea’thurgoth. She reasoned with the two chaste souls, bargaining with them to help her retrieve the altar. If they helped her, she explained, not only would she help remove the evil from that once great temple, but she would see that it was taken from the land and given back to its dark creators. Detecting no lie in her words, Laucian and Lia chose to trust her and accepted that such tainted help may be justified in the end, should it result in the cleansing of such an atrocity.

With a fourth companion, a shadowmancer called Anya, they entered the cursed temple and fought their way to the altar. Patience stole the altar and escaped with the others, releasing the age-old evil from its imprisonment in the process. The temple began to shake and tremble, as the mountain itself decried the foul deed. Then, Patience bargained with Anya to transfer the altar to another location in Faerun.

However, strange powers intervened during the teleportation spell, and the two were separated. Anya found herself in the shadow plane, with no sign of Patience. Patience found herself in an extra-dimensional pocket realm, created by strange unseen forces that offered her powerful rewards for giving up the altar. They enticed her to aid them, and promised she would be able to keep the altar and more, if she helped them return to the world. These were the Old Gods, evil and forgotten – trapped and sealed beyond the Far Planes by Ao, the Creators, and the new Gods. They were responsible for creating the altar, and bringing it into trans-dimensional travel allowed them to draw it to them.

Patience agreed, finding new strength and elation in being able to choose what she felt to be a superior force. She turned her back on Bane and took solace in Scarohssar (sp?), the Goddess of pain, suffering, and torture. Scarohssar taught Patience hideous rites and black arts, corrupting and twisting her even further. Finally, Scarohssar demanded that Patience seek out Zhentil Keep and take it over.

Zhentil Keep was at its weakest, having recently suffered two losses practically back to back. Manshoon and his forces had lost footholds in a pitched battle with the forces of Evermeet as they retook the Ruins of Myth Drannor. Then, the Zhentarim were defeated again as they were overrun by another, more demonic force led by Araxis only a few years later, as Araxis wrested control of Myth Drannor from Evermeet. Finally, as the Cormyrian and Sairissian armies drove Araxis and his hordes from the ruins, the wounded Zhentarim could only watch as Andros of Halruaa sacrificed himself to resurrect a new Mythal over Myth Drannor.

Patience seized the opportunity and sought out Araxis. As his hordes of devils, undead, and demons lie scattered through Cormanthyr or banished back to the nether-planes, she offered him a new citadel. She told him of the evil power lying long forgotten beneath Zhentil Keep; a node of the most vile magic, sacrifice, and hatred where the Dark Gods were defeated on Toril eons ago (Level 6 Evil Node.) The place had once been dedicated to the Evil Gods, and thousands were sacrificed in their honor. Patience offered Araxis the opportunity to harness the node and rebuild his strength there, explaining that she could raise an undead army able to substantially bolster his own considerable demonic and devilish host.

Together, they over-ran Zhentil Keep’s pitiful forces easily. Soon after, Araxis and his host of soul-inhabitants combined his summoning with ancient arts to create a pocket dimension where they could rebuild a terrible temple to each of the Dark Gods. Patience paid extreme attention to the creation of Scarohssar’s temple, while Araxis began to create and enact his own plans. Soon, Araxis became the undisputed ruler of Zhentil Keep and the temple, populating it with his cloned acolytes, each mind-raped to suit their purposes perfectly. Patience realized he was much too powerful to be overcome, so she sought Scarohssar’s guidance, who instructed she continue her alliance with Araxis until a more suitable opportunity presented itself.

Patience eagerly obeyed, and became a concubine of sorts, watching and learning as much as she could. She became known as the High Fist of Bane throughout Zhentil Keep, her true allegiances obscured by Scarohssar.

Soon after, Anya reappeared and quickly gained favor with Araxis, supplanting Patience at his side, though not altogether removing Patience from his bed. A small rivalry began to develop between the two. However, their nefarious acts quickly came to the attention of the Celestial Lords and many of the Good Gods when Araxis attempted to sacrifice the soul of a True Saint as part of his plans to create a new plane where he would rule and only the Dark Gods could be worshipped. Raziel mobilized the Celestial armies against them, heeding the prayers of the saint, and began attacking en masse, attempting to wipe out the temple, Zhentil Keep, and the node. Anya compelled Raziel to leave the Prime Material Plane, however, and the Node became stronger, steeped in such a heinous act.

Within a few weeks, the Celestial Lords combined their efforts in response to this grievous defeat, and entreated Torm to aid them.

That brings us to the part where Zhentil Keep gets flushed into Hell. More to come. Right now, Patience is back in Faerun, after being rescued from Hell by Anya. Last, she was seen in Westgate, but has since disappeared. She has distanced herself from any of her former associates in order to escape the scrutiny of the Celestial Lords. She seeks to reclaim the temple, after finding out that it still exists, and still wishes to learn more about Ea’thurgoth. She also would still like to send Crull to his master, but is not sure where he is, or if it will serve her purposes anymore. She is currently trying to figure out how she can get more information quickly. She may seek another way to Hell in order to visit the city there, or retake Zhentil Keep.

Patience Darkomen

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