A sword, forged from evil and tempered in betrayal, has been an instrument of woe in the hands of its current bearer, a liege-less anti-paladin. She has carried the sword and slain many in her quest to be her own master. However, the sword’s creator, with the blessing from his god, created the blade with a special purpose in mind. And the time has come for that purpose to be realized.

Mystery of the Lightslayer is not so much a campaign as a mini-series of adventures to take some long-existing characters of friends of mine and develop them further. Player characters within this campaign are evil and of epic level, and as such typical motivations will be slanted in that regard. Since I have never written an adventure or campaign that was epic or evil, we shall see where this takes us all!


Some images, rules, and other assorted information came directly from the D&D Campaign Setting. Dungeons & Dragons, their logos, Wizards of the Coast, and the Wizards of the Coast logo are ©2008, Wizards of the Coast, a subsidiary of Hasbro Inc. and used without permission but in good faith.

Mystery of the Lightslayer