Strayhand Guild

Type: Class guild

Trade: Protection rackets, prostitution, pickpocketing, information trafficking, contract work (primarily local escorts, local guides, or spying/surveillance), fencing goods, street fights, and gambling associated with those street fights.

Motivation/Goal: Expand turf and membership both within Westgate and other towns on the Dragon Coast.

Size: 1 guild master, 2 captains, assorted rogues, enforcers, spies, and experts

Influence: The Strayhand only has a presence in Westgate. They control a couple of warehouses for filched materials, and a small quarter of Westgate is theirs for protection racketeering. Prostitution and contract work take them outside their turf, but they cannot lay claim to that turf.

Public Face: The public views the Strayhand Guild as more a gang of thugs and petty criminals. Those that receive protection from the guild generally find value in the money, and the rates are reasonable (even if it is extortion). The watch considers them a nuisance compared to other guilds in the city. Unless a street fight spills out into the streets and turns into a larger brawl or riot, the watch takes little notice of the operation and feels little need to crackdown on their activities.

How to Join: Prove yourself in a street fight or successfully complete an assignment from the guild. Accepted members must submit to receiving a small tattoo behind their left ear (head shaved prior so that the hair can cover it).

Tiers/Ranks: Guild officers: guildmaster, day warden, night warden, and boss. General membership has no ranks, but seniority is generally recognized.

Symbol: A gray hand, palm facing, with fingers splayed.

Alignment: Lawful Evil.

Meetings: There are no formal convocations within the guild itself. Members are expected to report daily to their bosses, and bosses report daily to whichever warden is on duty during the time they operate. The wardens are contacted by the guildmaster only when the guildmaster sees the need, but that is, at a minimum, weekly.

Allies: (to be developed).

Enemies: (to be developed).

Prominent Members: (to be developed)

Full Description

Thieves, thugs, and racketeers, a small group of toughs have carved out a bit of their own turf in Westgate. Under the leadership of a few savvier thieves, the Strayhand Guild (know by most of the public as the Strayhand gang) looks to push their reach further, not only within Westgate but the Dragon Coast itself. Currently, however, they remain a small lot.

Strayhand Guild

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